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Best Web Hosting 2018

Best Shared Hosting 2018

SitegroundThe best shared web hosting still belong to Siteground offering a 60% discount for the first year and for 2018 they are still offering the best deals for shared hosting plans for a great price of $3.95/month, you get 10 gigabytes of disk space, 24/7 support and a whole host of other features to go with.

Best Web Hosting 2018

2018 is going to be a great year for web hosting, the industry leaders like Siteground and Inmotion hosting are offering you some fantastic hosting deals for 2018, so stop dreaming of a new website and make it a reality.

When deciding on a hosting plan that is suitable for you, the cost should not have a major influence on your decision whether you go with the plan, you need to look at the big picture and what features the hosting provider is supplying with the plan.

There are four types of hosting services that are offered by the leaders in the hosting industry, shared hosting is suitable for hobby websites, small blogs and some small businesses that are static and not selling any products on the site shared hosting is the most cost effective. 

VPS hosting is the next step up the hosting ladder suitable for large blogs, businesses and where shared hosting no longer supports your website, dedicated hosting is a step above VPS and is the fastest and most reliable hosting, and the most expensive available suitable for corporates and online stores. 

Cloud hosting is starting to gather momentum and only a handful of the hosting providers supply cloud hosting, cloud hosting offers great performance and a cost effective solution for most websites, you get the speed from the clusters of servers working together and the reliability but the cost is less than a dedicated hosting service.

Best VPS Hosting 2018

InmotionHostingThe best VPS hosting goes to Inmotion they are offering a very favourable 19.99/month on there popular VPS web hosting plan, some features include 75 GB of ssd drive and 4 TB of bandwidth inmotion hosting provide great customer support.

Are you looking to upgrade from shared hosting plan to VPS hosting for 2018, A VPS service is required when your small website starts to get popular and you are noticeing a significent increase in traffic through your shared server up grading to vps will give your website more room for future growth.

VPS stands for virtual private server. It's a type of hostingservice where you're designated a slice of a server for your own use no other websites are hosted on your server. 

You do acually share the physical hardware with other customers but your files are seperate, you have your own container on the server, with your own operating system, resource allocation, and software.

Best Dedicated Hosting 2018

a2hosting The best dedicated hosting goes to A2Hosting they offer a great range of dedicated web hosting plans starting from $99.59/month including 8 GB ram and 10 GB of data transfer, cpanal and root access to the server.

A Dedicated hosting service is the top tier of hosting services and for many businesses, your own dedicated server is absolutely essential for privacy and for security.

When purchasing a dedicated hosting plan you are essentially renting a computer that is available to one customer or business. That makes dedicated servers an expensive solution for hosting, but it also gives professionals the capacity to run intensive applications.

So for a large business or corporation with offices and warehouses all over the world a dedicated hosting plan is needed, you get the best server speed and the most secure hosting environment that is available.

Best Cloud Hosting 2018

SitegroundThe best Cloud hosting goes to Siteground they are offering some great deals on there cloud hosting plans priced from $ 80/month for there basic plan, some of there features include 4 gb memory, 40 gb ssd drive and 5 TB of data transfer, Cloud hosting is relatively new to the web hosting industry, and before the cloud ever existed, website hosting meant renting server space from a single device.

Some hosting services still operate within that boundary to this day. if you rented an entire server, you could choose the servers configuration, within the boundaries of the device running the server.

Cloud hosting allows you to break free and gives you total control of those confines, creating servers that combine the resources of clusters of machines, rather than just one.

This allows web hosting companies to sell hosting packages that are much bigger and more powerful to there customers. It also means that the hosting company can scale up there services to meet the demand that there customers dictate, handling larger traffic spikes by increasing the available resource on the fly.


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